ICPKP® Energy Psychology Certification Program

In by Brad Tipper

Prerequisite: ICPKP® Stress and Pain Management Certification Program

The 10 weekends that you spend on this systematic pathway will progressively enhance your life and your business.

Don’t rush this process. Give yourself at least six or seven months to absorb, change, grow and use each step to enhance others.

The first EMS unit was so popular it was incorporated into Practitioner Certification level 1. In the epigenetics workshops (eg. Your DNA Is Not Your Destiny) we teach five major sources of submerged or suppressed stress. In the EMS units you expand the range of issues and the depth from which you can withdraw them safely.

This certification teaches a broad range of techniques to address the underlying emotional stress prevalent in many people. For the first 7 years of your life 85% of your logic brain was being subconsciously programmed as a rapid response unit. For many of us, an environment of fear, anger, dread, hopelessness and loneliness caused us to reproduce the less-than-best behaviours of our parents and grandparents.

We are not responsible for, and do not need to remain a prisoner of, that reality. You are accountable for what you do to repair, rebuild and create a life worth living. A future full of love, kindness, patience, tolerance, gentleness and faithfulness is possible through cooperation as a community rather than fighting for survival of the fittest.

Albert Schweitzer said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”. You are going to love this Certification.

This course includes:

Code Name Type
EMS301-en Genetic & Meridian Emotional Release Protocols LDP
EMS302-en Subconscious Self-Perception LDP
EMS303-en Dreams, Goals and Attitudes LDP
EMS304-en Releasing Limiting Stress Responses LDP
EMS305-en Colour and Sound LDP
EMS306-en Rituals & Motivational Messages LDP
EMS401-en Codependency and Role Reversal LDP
EMS402-en Compulsive Behaviours LDP
EMS403-en Spiritual Issues LDP
EMStest-en EMS End of Series Test LDP

LDP = Lecture, Demonstration, Practice.
HS = Home Study
OC = Off campus (taken with an external provider)
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