About PKP


PKP™ is about ‘finding your magic’, leaving the obstacles of the past behind you and realizing your true potential as a person. Our Logo says it all in four words. PKP is about Learning, Growing as a person and Embracing Life to the full.

PKP™ is a communication tool that enables a person to assess and upgrade their performance in all areas of their life. So PKP™ is about change and that involves clarity and action in looking at our values and goals.

PKP™ is about living from a Quantum perspective

In PKP™ we move beyond Newtonian Physic and Cartesian dualism which argues that mind and body are two separate substances; it is impossible for the nonphysical to interact with or cause events in the physical. In PKP™ we recognise the whole being. PKP is the most holistic of all the natural health care systems.

PKP™ works with the energy model, not the so called ‘medical model’. Allopathic medicine and many natural therapies treat the signs and symptoms of a named disease. The doctor or natural therapist makes a diagnosis and prescribes a remedy or treatment.

PKP™ practitioners are not ‘working on’ the client nor are they treating named diseases or diagnoses. A PKP™ session (balance) is an educational process where the client and practitioner work together to achieve the client’s positive, predetermined goal.

PKP™ Values

love & hope
caring & kindness
patience & gentleness
forgiveness & freedom
authenticity & honesty
bravery & courage
faithfulness & tolerance
punctuality & order (method)
friendliness & inclusivity
adventure & fun
respect & responsibility

PKP™ is about High Level Wellness and Vitality

Dr Dewe teaches that the two opposing ends of the health spectrum are disease and early death on the one hand and high level wellness and vitality on the other.

PKP™ aims to educate the person so that they can choose to move beyond neutral and have the power to achieve high level wellness. The medical model and many other therapies only address the signs and symptoms and do not take a person beyond the neutral point.

PKP™ works with energy systems and assists clients to restore the flow of their own natural energies, maximise their body’s healing opportunities and help them achieve their maximum potential as a human being.

Epigenetically Sound

In PKP™ we effect positive change by using non-genetic influences on gene expression (ie. epigenetic modulators). Dr Larry Dossey said in Space, Time & Medicine (1982), the tools of our consciousness: beliefs, prayers, thoughts intentions, faith correlate more strongly with our health, longevity and happiness than our genes do.

PKP™ stands for: Professional Kinesiology Practice
PKP™ indicates PKP is a Participatory, Kind, Process

“Love is not a matter of what happens in life. It’s a matter of what’s happening in your heart….”

Ken Keys Jnr. 1921-1995: How To Enjoy Your Life In Spite of It All.