Example of a Miracle

A PKP™ Miracle

Four ladies brought their mother to Dr Dewe just a day before she was scheduled to have her right eye removed because of severe deep pain for many years and almost total loss of sight that occurred in the eye several years ago. He asked them all,

“What do you want to have happen?”

“We have heard that you do miracles.” they all said together.

“What is the miracle you want here?” he asked.

“Please save her sight and take away the pain.”

Dr Dewe explained that he did not do miracles but that he would help their mother make whatever positive changes her body was willing to contemplate. Less than 15 minutes later their mother was pain-free with 20/20 vision in that eye.

How is this possible you ask?

The PKP™ finger modes showed there was nothing Dr Dewe could do in present time to help this lady, but they showed something was needed 15 years ago. “What happened back then?”, Dr Dewe asked and she explained that her husband died of facial cancer that was eating out his left cheek and left eye. As together they did the PKP™ process her pain lessened by about 70%.

The finger modes then showed something else was needed 17 years ago. This was the time her husband’s cancer was diagnosed. They did another PKP™ process and her pain vanished totally; suddenly she could see again. That’s a miracle. We are grateful. (The hospital and the eye surgeon were not interested in what had happened.)