Walking Gait Reflexes

Energy Boost with Foot Reflex Points

This is a quick energy boost. If you come in from shopping with tired feet, feel your energy at an all-time low and wish you could get a quick energy boost, try the kinesiology technique that Dr Bruce Dewe uses. Simply rub the walking gait reflexes on your feet for yourself and feel your energy rise!

The special reflexes in the feet associated with walking are called gait reflexes. One of the many factors involved in tiredness could be a disturbance in our walking gait. This is an imbalance in the normal co-ordination of the muscles used in walking. When the synergistic and antagonistic muscles are not working in an integrated, synchronised manner, walking becomes tiring.

Gait reflex imbalance can be related to situations such as: tiredness, uneven shoe-wear, poor co-ordination, brain fog or confusion, dyslexia or learning problems. A Professional Kinesiology Practitioner would also consider metaphysical factors such as: anxiety in terms of stepping out, fear of change, not moving ahead in your life.

Walking is meant to have an energising, de-stressing and integrating influence on the human body. A brisk walk, even when we are tired, can lift our spirits and can help us to feel refreshed again. However, sometimes it doesn’t seem to work. We take a walk or go to the gym but our energy remains low and it requires effort to motivate us. We return more tired than when we started. Rubbing our gait reflexes can provide a much needed lift at times like this.

First assess your energy:

  1. Walk around the room.
  2. Make an assessment of your energy level on a scale of 0 – 10.

Rub the Gait Reflexes (between the foot bones)

  1. Look at the diagram of your Walking Gait Reflexes:
  2. Rub all points with firm pressure (They may be tender).

Now Reassess your energy level:

  1. Walk around the room.
  2. Make a new assessment of your energy level on a scale of 0-10.
  3. Note the energy boost.

Possible causes of gait problems:

Badly-fitting shoes, high heels, walking on uneven surfaces, sports activities, training in inappropriate footwear, especially on hard surfaces.

NB. In doing this simple technique we are not discounting or forgetting important factors like disturbances in leg length, the pelvic bones, lymph flow, the diet or more serious conditions such as anaemia. These and other factors like rest, sleep and emotional disturbances at home or work may of course be involved and are always considered by kinesiologists. Remember, if unexplained tiredness persists see your health professional.