Red Flags Course

Staying within the boundaries of safe clinical practice is essential for all health practitioners.

This international workshop from ICPKP can help students and practitioners recognise when their clients are presenting “red flag” symptoms and need to be referred to another health professional.

This two-day workshop was developed by Dr Bruce Dewe to help every PKP Practitioner become an advanced health professional who is a true member of an Integrated Health Team and not just ‘an alternative therapist’. No other kinesiology system provides this level of training on ‘Red Flags’.

“PKP Practitioners must be aware of signs and symptoms that are beyond their scope of practice and they need to know enough about the process of medical diagnosis, even though they don’t treat diagnoses, to be able to refer clients appropriately before a medical emergency occurs.”

– Dr Bruce Dewe
Red Flag image on laptop computer

In this workshop you will learn:

  • 7 reasons why diagnosis is important: why you need some understanding of the diagnostic process;
  • Standard systematic review questions to sort clients’ problems quickly and efficiently;
  • If and when to refer: understanding when a client’s problem is within the scope of PKP & when it is not; standard questions to protect the client;
  • Recognising mental health disorders and when a problem needs combined care;
  • Clinical algorithms: how to use the flow charts for acute & chronic conditions, male and female health challenges, headaches, vomiting, skin problems, etc.

What graduates have said:

“Red Flags is a truly inspirational workshop and is a must for any Kinesiologist!”

“The session was informative, clear and lots of FUN!!”

“Doing the Red Flags workshop has given me more confidence in my ability to determine the boundaries for my kinesiology practice. The tool that Dr Bruce Dewe has created presents a wealth of information in a user-friendly format, and will take kinesiology practitioners to new heights of professionalism. Thank you.”

“My father is a hospital cardiologist. When he saw my class notes for ‘Red Flags in Kinesiology’ he told me that at last he was able to say he was happy that I was studying PKP and was no longer worried about my career choice.”

Where can I attend the Red Flags course?

Red Flags is taught either online or in person by specialist Red Flags Faculty who are uniquely qualified to present the workshop. ICPKP Affiliated Colleges can arrange for their students to attend a scheduled course or book an in-house course.

Red Flags Online courses have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 20 participants. The course is delivered via video conference using Zoom. Registration closes a week before the course begins.

Red Flags Instructors

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