What is a Kinesiopractor®?

A Kinesiopractor® is a kinesiologist who has completed and passed all ICPKP units, both formative and summative assessments, end-of-series exams and case studies.

A Kinesiopractor® does not treat named diseases, but works in an altogether different model of energy medicine. Kinesiopractic® is based on a participatory model that makes a balancing session a journey of self-exploration where clients gain an understanding of their health (or other) challenge and set about making positive change for themselves.

In a Kinesiopractic® balancing session, goals are created which are not related to symptoms or medical conditions. The Kinesiopractic® goal is about changing the environment or context in which the problem currently exists. If we change the context, the illness or dis-ease has no place to exist and therefore has to change or disappear.

Kinesiopractors® have extensive training over four or more years, are masters of muscle testing and work to a protocol that makes the process of change sometimes seem magical and easy even when the client’s underlying story may be complex and inaccessible to other forms of therapy.

For a more detailed description and history of Kinesiopractic® by ICPKP Professional Faculty Trainer, Denise Gurney, please click here.