ICPKP® Stress and Pain Management Certification Program

In by Brad Tipper

Prerequisite: None

This Certification program can be completed very early on your journey to becoming a practitioner and it’s the starting point for all our Diploma qualifications.

Just having the Certificate on the wall gives comfort and confidence to clients and serves as an easy opener for them to talk about the ‘real’ problem. If you are coming from TFH4 and FPK 2, completing this will leave just 3 units to complete to become a Practitioner level 1. For PKP Practitioners – level you can have this in just 3 days. You may also be able to teach the K-Power® versions of the three SPM one day workshops in your community which will reap positive rewards.

This course includes:

Code Name Type
BKP106-en Professional Skills, Balancing Protocol with ICPKP Database LDP
BKP107-en Pain Reduction LDP
EMS201-en Mastery of Emotional Stress Release LDP
RBT201-en Clinical Body Contact, Palpation and Draping LDP
SPM101-en Stress Release made Easy LDP
SPM102-en Epigenetic Healing Cycles (Your DNA is Not Your Destiny) LDP
SPM103-en Tibetan Energy & Vitality LDP

LDP = Lecture, Demonstration, Practice.
HS = Home Study
OC = Off campus (taken with an external provider)