Stress Release made Easy

In by Brad Tipper

Stress Release made Easy

Recharge your energy and recover more quickly from illness and injury. Learn quickly what is stress, how your body responds to it and how to recognize the warning signs of stress. Increase your tolerance of and resistance to stress, and manage stress effectively in everyday life.

This is a blend of eastern and western approaches to stress management with Chinese alarm points and meridians and emotions – positive and negative. Dr. & Mrs Dewe blend their understanding of meridians with emotional balancing plus affirmations and use muscle monitoring to audit results. It’s simple yet powerful.

As well there is information on breathing, exercise and stress management, and good nutrition for stress management, health, energy, and vitality. The importance of long-term stress management and humour in stress management are also covered.

This material is so valuable we recommend that Mind-Body Workers and Energy Psychologists take this before doing other studies with us.

Pre-req: None: an entry level course)

Stress Release made Easy was originally written in the mid 1980s for the clients of our own centre. We wanted our clients to become independent of us because we travel extensively, as part of our teaching programme. Clients easily learned and applied these stress release skills so we revised the book for others to use in Community Outreach as well.

Bruce and Joan both say, “We seek to empower people – to give them tools, fresh hope and to show them ways to move ahead out of their present situations, whether it be grief, boredom, overload, overwhelm, frustration or apparent hopelessness.”

It is not just stressors that are a problem. It is also our responses to them that determine whether we stay well or develop dis-ease. Stress Release made Easy will help you with techniques designed to assist you make new choices and strengthen your inner resources. These include:

Emotional Stress Release (ESR) points and process. Emotional balancing with affirmations. General-stress syndrome clearing. Stress management strategies.

Elements of Learning:

  • What is stress?
  • Dr. Selye’s three stages of stress
  • Warning signs of stress
  • How the body responds to stresss
  • The Holmes-Rahe life-event test
  • What is Emotional stress release (ESR)?
  • Doing Emotional stress release (ESR)
  • Whole Body Testing
  • Accurate Muscle (clear circuit) Testing
  • Emotional balancing with affirmations
  • Alarm points – diagrams
  • Meridians & emotions – positive and negative
  • Using affirmations with muscle testing
  • General stress syndrome
  • Breathing and stress management
  • Exercise and stress management
  • Nutrition and stress management
  • Food supplements and stress management
  • Long-term stress management
  • Humour and stress management