Subconscious Self-Perception

In by Brad Tipper

Subconscious Self-Perception

This unit develops skill and understanding in using PKP techniques to correct energy imbalance caused by subconscious self-perception.

You will acquire skills in clearing attitude sabotages, misperceptions, misunderstandings and self-image issues that limit the potential of the client and you will learn how to release old hypnotic messages that pull clients back into self-defeating patterns.

The unit covers attitudes: for healing, interviews, parents to children and for children to parents. It teaches how to enable a client to be assertive rather than being simply passive or aggressive. You will also gain an understanding of the differences in fears that men and women experience so you can better facilitate your clients to a position of choice.

Having completed this unit you will have techniques relating to self-image, reactive roles, conflicts and reversals, sabotage programmes, misunderstandings, misperceptions, stress statements, hypnotic messages and address issues of subconscious self-perception.

Elements of Learning:

  • Self-image – roles under stress – Em #14
  • Reactive self-images (roles) – R-Em #14
  • Attitude conflict – Em #51/2b
  • Attitude reversal – Em #51/2c
  • Sabotage programmes – Em #51/2b,c
  • Misunderstandings – Em #31/2a
  • Misperceptions – Em #51/2a
  • Stress statement – Em #31/2b
  • Hypnotherapy – Se # 9c-d
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS 2.201

Courses that contain this unit: