ICPKP® Dietary and Nutritional Science Certification Program

In by Brad Tipper

Prerequisite: None

New tools to help clients suffering from a range of dietary and nutritional challenges. This can become a Specialty Practice.

These include immune mismatch responses, depleted health and vitality, adrenal exhaustion, chronic fatigue, overgrowths, overload of bacteria, viruses, parasites and other environmental factors.

There are dynamic detoxification programs for excesses of foreign chemicals, heavy metals, medication interactions, and substance abuse.

Desensitizing food sensitivities to peanuts, fish, ice-cream etc and determining and educating when and how often to reintroduce that food again will will bring life-changing relief to clients. As well, you can clear contact and inhaled allergens relating to work or the environment. About 30% of Joan and Bruce’s practice was with these clients.

You will learn how to improve metabolic function, do a nutritional analysis, clear sabotages and review lifestyle changes to reduce the accumulation of negative stressors in the workplace or home.

Learn how to help balance out blood sugar problems, find the specific activities that bring joy, improve oxygen uptake, increase resistance and attract desired outcomes.

The Dietary & Nutritional Science Home Study unit is designed to be completed at home but but is fun to work on as a group. As well as the expected basic are micronutrients, special population considerations, snacks drinks and some interesting material on Fast foods. (As an aside, you may find this video interesting: Dr Chris van Tulleken challenged himself to eat a diet made up of 80% ultra-processed foods for a month.)

Finally there are five home study units in Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Pathophysiology, written in a way that makes this vital content easy to learn.

This course includes:

Code Name Type
BKP106-en Professional Skills, Balancing Protocol with ICPKP Database LDP
BKP108-en Balancing with Food LDP
CBP Part1 Clinical Chemistry HS
CBP Part2 Clinical Biochemistry HS
CBP Part3 Pathology 1 – Musculoskeletal Injuries HS
CBP Part4 Pathology 2 – Mechanisms of Illness A HS
CBP Part5 Pathology 3 – Mechanisms of Illness B HS
ECO201-en Dietary & Lifestyle Modification Protocols LDP
ECO202-en Immune Mismatch Responses: ‘Allergies & Sensitivities’ LDP
ECO301-en Adrenal, Geopathic and Life Energy Protocols LDP
ECO302-en Cleansing & Detoxification Protocols LDP
ECOtest-en ECO End of Series Test LDP
NUT1 Dietary and Nutritional Science HS

LDP = Lecture, Demonstration, Practice.
HS = Home Study
OC = Off campus (taken with an external provider)
IICT approved course badge

All courses and qualifications offered by ICPKP are approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies.

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