Balancing with Food

In by Brad Tipper

Balancing with Food

This is a fun unit that challenges our beliefs and habits around foods we habitually eat. You will be experimenting with different dietary programs – food combining, food rotation, eating according to 5-Element food colour and taste – so you can advise from personal experience.

The unit develops an understanding of the chain of life, the six stages of nutrition, food combining; the concept of biogenic, biostatic, biocidic substances; to construct a diet using 5-Element, food family and food rotation principles; to develop skill in using C1 and ear acu-point sensitivity tests.

You will gain an understanding of how food produces energy, and also the process of nutritional transport from eating to elimination. After completing this unit you will be able to use food to improve 5-Element energy, meridian and muscle function to balance body energy.

You will extend your discernment of whether foods and supplements are really energy-producing, static or rob us of energy. Also you will learn some double checks to question the validity of the nutritional response in relation to sensitivities. There is more in a later unit. As well the unit will extend your understanding of the development, philosophy and principles of Kinesiology.

What you will learn in BKP 108™:

  • History of Kinesiology
  • Our food supply: modern foods provide more quantity but less quality
  • Reality: too many calories, too few nutrients
  • Biocompatibility
  • Chain of life
  • Six stages of nutrition
  • Food combining
  • Construct a diet using 5-Element and food family principles
  • Food rotation principles
  • Using C1 sensitivity test and ear acu-point
  • Balancing muscle energy with biogenic food
  • 5-Element nutritional balance
  • Cautions and considerations
  • Utilise all techniques in the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • BKP 1.107

Note. This is not the unit that teaches the handling of immune mismatch responses (food allergies). This is the subject of a later unit, ECO 6.202.