Head, Neck, Torso Muscles

In by Brad Tipper

Head, Neck, Torso Muscles

The purpose of this unit is to develop skill and understanding in analysing energy imbalances in the head, neck and torso.

People completing this unit will be able to use manual muscle tests and corrections to facilitate increased function and performance in the head, neck and torso.

Elements of learning:

  • Facial muscles – St #4
    – facial expressions – Se #141/2b
  • Eye muscles – St #4
  • Lingual diaphragm and tongue – St #8c
  • Neck muscles – St #4
  • Throat – St #4
  • Larynx and vocal fold muscles – St #4
  • Torso muscles – St #4
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol.


  • MST 14.201