Immune Mismatch Responses: ‘Allergies & Sensitivities’

In by Brad Tipper

Immune Mismatch Responses: ‘Allergies & Sensitivities’

This unit helps you develop skill in using PKP techniques to correct energy imbalance related to allergies and hypersensitivity to food and/or other environmental factors.

You will learn how to identify and desensitise the body to Immune Mismatch Responses™, use allergy (sensitivity) modes to identify stressful substances and to resolve allergy causal factors. You will also gain the skills to conduct various general and specific cleanses.

Once you have completed this unit you will be able to use Immune Mismatch Response™ modes including the C1 sensitivity test and Ear Acu-point, conflicts and reversal modes in relation to food, the Quasi Voll and True Voll acu-points, T-S line for hidden sensitivities and the psychological IMR™ point.

You will be fluent with general and specific cleanses for toxins, be able to describe and discuss common IMR™ symptoms and trigger foods with clients, use homeopathic allergen test vials and utilise an updated PKP fingermode database in the PKP Balance Protocol.

Elements of Learning:

  • IMR™ (allergy or sensitivity) modes2
  • Desensitize allergen
    a. C1 sensitivity test and Ear acu-point
    b. Conflicts – Em #51/2b
    c. Reversals – Em #51/2c
    d. Quasi Voll point – St #51/2a
    e. True Voll point and Schmitt’s cross-crawl – PE #51/2a
    f. IMR™ point and T-S line for hiddens – PE #9
    g. Psychological IMR™ point – Em #11
  • Toxins – general cleanse – PE #12b
  • Toxins – specific cleanse – PE #12a
  • Common IMR™ symptoms and trigger foods
  • Homeopathic allergen test vials
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • ECO 6.201