Clinical Chemistry

In by Brad Tipper

CBP Part1
Clinical Chemistry

This unit covers the theory of Chemistry to an introductory level as it pertains to the kinesiologist. It will give students the knowledge of the role of Chemistry in the homeostasis of the body as well as the ability to analyse theoretical information regarding physiological processes and biochemical reactions within the body.

The knowledge and skills gained by completion of course will allow the student:

  • to understand the meaning and scope of chemistry
  • to differentiate between organic and non organic chemistry
  • to gain an understanding about the chemical organisation of the body
  • to understand the role of the chemical and biochemical functions within the body
  • to appreciate that many aspects of your studies relate to chemical principles

The Chemistry manual requires students to complete a number of activities in order to integrate their learning. These include questions based on the elements covered in each unit of the manual, which are in their workbook. Students are required to successfully complete both their workbook and the CBP online exam (after Path 3), in order to be deemed competent in the Chemistry unit of the CBP module.