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Cleansing & Detoxification Protocols

In by Brad Tipper

Cleansing & Detoxification Protocols

The fourth ECO unit provides the skills to balance body energy affected by organisms, foreign chemicals or toxicity and to facilitate an in-depth understanding of detoxification and biochemical pathways.

As you complete this unit you will be able to identify and resolve energy imbalances related to inappropriate or excessive supplementation; address foreign chemical overload; provide nutritional and emotional support in dealing with overgrowths and energy dysfunction of the immune system; test for, assess and balance bacterial and viral energy.

You will be able to help the client deal with parasites and gain an awareness of the concept of parasitic energies, understand physiological processes in dealing with heavy metal toxicity, balance body energy affected by drugs or medications and utilize your knowledge of biochemical pathways and detoxification processes to conduct further clearing procedures.

Elements of learning:

  • Toxic – chelation cleanse – PE #12c
  • Foreign chemical overload – PE #12+glabella
  • Heavy metal toxicity – PE #51/2b
  • Riddler’s – excess (review) – PE #2a
  • Allopathic toxicity – PE #10a
  • Immune system – overgrowths – PE #121/2
  • Detoxification programmes – PE #14a,b,c
    detox. – self-induced society acceptable (eg smoking/alcohol) – PE #14a
    detox. – society-induced (eg. pesticides, food additives, sprays) – PE #14b
    detox. – self-induced society unacceptable (eg. drugs, party-pills) – PE #14c
  • Hydrotherapy – PE #111/2
  • Physiology regeneration – PE #141/2b
  • Physiology awareness – PE #141/2c
  • Biochemical pathways – PE #4-
  • Active viral energy – Em #131/4a
  • Bacterial energy: – Em #133/4a,b,c
    bacterial energy: acute, symbiotic, chronic – Em #133/4a
    bacterial energy: acute, symbiotic, chronic – Em #133/4b
    bacterial energy: acute, symbiotic, chronic – Em #133/4c
  • Parasitic energy – Thumb to little finger over curled fingers
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • ECO 6.301