Spiritual Issues

In by Brad Tipper

Spiritual Issues

The purpose of this unit is to develop skill and understanding in using Kinesiology techniques to correct energy imbalance related to spiritual issues.

People completing this unit will be able to use grounding, spiritual connection, spiritual input, intercession, releasing spiritual links, negative input/output, energy drain by others/self, negative energy field, internal shut-down and spiritual bondage techniques.

Elements of Learning:

  • Grounding – PE #41/2
  • Spiritual connection – Sp #6b
  • Spiritual input – Sp #6a
  • Intercession – Sp #61/2d
  • Releasing spiritual links – Sp #7b
  • Negative energy input – Sp #7d
  • Negative energy output – Sp #81/2d
  • Energy drain by others – Sp #8d
  • Energy drain by self – Sp #8e
  • Negative energy field – Sp #71/2d
  • Internal shut-down – Sp #71/2f
  • Spiritual bondage – Sp #81/2a
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS 2.306

Courses that contain this unit: