Rituals & Motivational Messages

In by Brad Tipper

Rituals & Motivational Messages

Learn how to facilitate clients in making meaning from the messages of runes and cards and to utilise inspirational, motivational and spiritual guidance. You will consider the positive use of rituals and symbols as healing tools as well as the appropriate use of affirmations and goals. You will also gain the experience to increase protection from psychic attack and find new, appropriate ways of dealing with unpleasant things.

Recognising the avoidance and defence mechanisms of self-protection including projection, displacement, identification, denial, intellectualisation and rationalisation will allow you to balance client body energy towards more positive and life affirming behaviours.

Once you have completed this unit you will be able to observe and document avoidance and other defence mechanisms, defuse stress related to, and facilitate clients in the positive use of rituals, symbols, affirmations, sacred or inspirational writings, meditations and motivational awarenesses.

Elements of Learning:

  • Rituals – Em #6b
  • Symbols – Em #6c
  • Affirmations – Em #4a
  • Self concept – Se #8e
  • Protection rituals – Sp #8f
  • Avoidance behaviours – Em #111/2a
  • Defence mechanisms – Em #111/2c
  • Cards of self change – Sp #9b
  • Runes – Sp #9c
  • The Holy Bible – Sp #10a
  • Other sacred writings – Sp #10b
  • Modern motivational writings – Sp #10c
  • Inspirational spiritual output – Sp #11/2b
  • Focused meditation – Sp #7a
  • Higher source input – Surrogate Mode #Spiritual
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS305


Courses that contain this unit: