Dreams, Goals and Attitudes

In by Brad Tipper

Dreams, Goals and Attitudes

The purpose of this unit is to develop skill and understanding using Kinesiology to develop assertive behaviour, foster positive attitudes and work within the cycles of life.

Those completing this unit will be able to interpret verbal and non verbal behavioural signals, demonstrate assertive responses in stress situations, assist clients to demonstrate attitude change and develop positive strategies in relation to presentations, healing and handling success; recognise their need for or need to give positive messages generationally; work with the seasonal nature of life; release fears which have a gender basis; dream, plan and record a purposeful life path.

Elements of Learning:

  • Assertive behaviour – Se #11/2c
  • Attitudes for success – goals – Se #21/2a
  • Attitudes for healing – Se #21/2b
  • Attitudes for presentations – Se #21/2c
  • Attitude of inner child – Se #61/2a
  • Child to parent messages – Se #61/2b
  • Good parent messages – Se #61/2c
  • Gender fears – Se #61/2d
  • Four seasons – Se #71/2d
  • Attitude change – Em #4-
  • Dreams – S/F #13f
  • Life path and goals – Sp #71/2e
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS 2.201

Courses that contain this unit: