Releasing Limiting Stress Responses

In by Brad Tipper

Releasing Limiting Stress Responses

This unit continues the theme of releasing limiting stress responses to life. Many conflicts and upsets between people come about because of differing values and rules. You will explore the manner in which convictions, rules and prejudices affect relationships and gain the skills necessary to defuse stress in these areas. You will become aware of the power of both personal and societal beliefs in creating ‘no choice’ situations and you will discover how out-of-synch some aspects of our lives can become.

Once you have completed this unit you will be able to use hypothalamic emotional reset technique, to perform Bennett’s stress reflex technique and chest stress release, examine and discuss with your client the limitations imposed by learned or tribal beliefs with possible resolutions. You will further be able to facilitate change where clients may be exhibiting age incongruence in specific contexts or in relation to specific people and express and implement new alternatives to limiting rules and prejudices. Lastly, you will have developed the skills needed to apply the PKP approach to re-birthing or making a fresh start.

Elements of Learning:

  • Age incongruity – Se #11/2a
  • Bennett’s stress reflex (BSR) – Em #11/2b
  • Chest stress release – Em #11/2c
  • Limiting rules and prejudices – Se #8d
  • Convictions – Se #8c
  • Hypothalamic emotional reset – Em #3c
  • Learned beliefs – ST + PE finger tips to thumb knuckle
  • Tribal beliefs – PE + EM finger tips to thumb knuckle
  • Re-birthing – kinesiological approach – Se #83/4cd
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS303

Courses that contain this unit: