Colour and Sound

In by Brad Tipper

Colour and Sound

Work with the healing power of colour through profile analysis, coloured light, colour meditations and conflict resolution cards. You will also utilise the healing power of sounds related to the 5 Elements, to chakra sound energy and both audible and inaudible sounds of varying frequencies. You will gain an awareness of the life of colour and sound both in the surroundings and within to enhance physical health and positive psychological change.

After completing this unit you will have acquired the necessary skills to make a colour profile analysis for your client, use coloured/polarised light as a healing tool and facilitate conflict resolution using specific colour cards. You will be able to utilise colour meditations, the colour-sound concerto, auric tuning and proficiently test for and assess the need for sound energy balancing using equipment producing a variety of tones and harmonics to build total body energy.

Elements of Learning:

  • History of colour
  • Balancing with colour – Em #5
  • Colour balances: a. areas of life, b. 5-Element, c. activity – Em #5a
  • Coloured gels/polarized light – Em #5b
  • Colour profile analysis – (Luscher) – Em #5c
  • Colour conflict resolution – Em #51/2b/B
  • Colour meditations – Se #5c
  • Sound
  • Colour-sound concerto – Em #81/2c
  • Sound on SI alarm point or thymus – Em #8a
  • Sound balance 5-Element/tuning forks – Em #8b
  • Sound relating to chakras – Em #8c
  • Multiple high frequency – Sp #8a
  • Bells and gongs – Sp #8b
  • Bowls – Sp #8c
  • Aura tuning – El #5b
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • EMS304

Courses that contain this unit: