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As a child, food allergies were a huge frustration I was forced to live with. My parents tried several mainstream treatment options but it wasn’t until we discovered PKP that I saw any positive results.

– D.S., Auckland, New Zealand

The difference in [my son’s] confidence and performance at the Waikato [Gymnastics] Champs was noticeable.

– L.M., Rotorua, New Zealand
“[15 year old daughter] attended the one day course, Enhanced Learning….where she learnt to relax through stress release techniques, and she passed all her external mathematics exams.

– J.B., Auckland, New Zealand
“[The family PKP session showed the] need for more social contact…..and I learned some valuable information.

– A.P., North Shore City, New Zealand

At the stage we were introduced to PKP kinesiology [my daughter] had also become suicidal….after a few weeks she was totally off her medication….In my opinion she probably owes her life to PKP Kinesiology.

– P.T., Australia

After having a [PKP kinesiology] balance and a massage I was able to breathe easier….. [and by] being more positive about my situation, I am now able to do a teaching support certificate through the Open PolyTech.

– Jan, Auckland, New Zealand

I was suffering from a migraine….the pain was so severe my head was pulsing and thumping, [after one session] I seriously couldn’t believe it but my headache was gone and I felt great. I thought the whole thing was very soothing and relaxing.

– K.S., Melbourne, Australia

After three years of constant fear of thunderstorms, I experienced calmness and peace during several thunderstorms after only one private session with Arlene.

– M.S., NC, USA

I came to….work specifically on my anger. I would become irrationally and excessively angry over minor incidents, usually involving my 5 year old daughter. [After] one balance and affirmation session with Arlene and all of this stopped.

– S.B., NC, USA

I am in a stressful sales management position. My father is terminally ill and in the final stage of his cancer…..I then had a miscarriage (my third) and I went into overload. After one session I felt immediate results. I could talk without crying and I was very relaxed and had a calmness feeling.

– L.T., NC, USA

I was astonished, relieved and inspired by what actually did happen. After only one visit, I did not experience a ‘major’ migraine headache.

– D.L., NC, USA

Prior to my PKP sessions…..I was experiencing chronic neck, back and sciatic pain [and] taking up to 6 Advil a day just to take the edge off. I am happy to report that I have not taken Advil in months and I’m experiencing more energy and less pain than I have in a long time.

– S.M., NC, USA

After one session……I felt a dramatic difference in my attitude towards my mother. I was able to resume communication with her since the painful emotions I’d been stuck in had been cleared.

– K.D., NC, USA

I had an operation…..to remove my right fallopian tub [which left me] with continuous pain in my right abdomen. [After] a quick treatment….the pain in my abdomen disappeared totally….I don’t know exactly what you did but it has convinced me of the power of PKP kinesiology.

– A.C., NSW, Australia

I went for this balance…with the very specific objective of addressing occasional bouts of atrial fibrillation. At the end of that session I knew I was back in balance and that the problem had been addressed in a way the traditional guys were not even close to figuring out.

– J.M., UK
“[My daughter] suffered from a bout of severe diarrhoea for 5 days. [After seeing] a PKP kinesiologist as a last resort….the symptoms were greatly eased and stopped completely the following day. She had no difficulties with her digestion ever since!

– J. L., Sydney, Australia

During difficult times [I] consulted a doctor for help [and] was told that I had a “chemical imbalance”, diagnosed with schizophrenia, psychosis etc. and immediately put on antidepressants, tranquillizers and sleeping tablets. [After a few months of taking these, I was found by my family] unconscious. I was rushed to hospital…..Our first stop after my discharge was for a PKP kinesiology session. [These] the treatments helped ease the withdrawal and 3 months later I was being told by those closest to me that I was back to my “old” self!

– C.J., South Africa

I had some large emotional baggage to deal with…..I began using alcohol, cigarettes and drugs again to cope. [After] an Addiction Balance [the practitioner] figured out when/why/where my addictions had begun and by doing so was able to help me break the pattern. I’ve also been through some very trying and emotional times since then, which is usually when I want to drink or smoke. And nothing!

– A., South Africa

My partner and I recently realized that after being together for eight years we’ve never really communicated. [After one session] the progress…..is nothing short of remarkable. We’re communicating confidently and clearly.

– A., South Africa

The emotional trauma of the divorce had had far more impact [on our son] than we could have ever imagined.  The “blocks” that he had unconsciously set up were responsible for his learning problems. It was amazing during and after these sessions how verbal communication flourished. I [now] have a mature, confident 16 year old for which I cannot thank Margie and PKP Kinesiology enough.

– E., South Africa

Broken bones begin to knit following kinesiology sessions

– C., South Africa

After only one kinesiology treatment I felt as if my brain was reconnected and ‘switched on’ properly.

– G.B., Sydney Australia

At the end of the 30 minute session I was able to walk, without a limp, out of his office.

– C. B., NY, USA

…my youngest child who went from not eating or sleeping to guzzling down her bottles and enjoying her food…

– D.R, Richmond, UK

After almost two years of hell, a single consultation gave us our son back.

– J. G., NZ

I felt more like my old self – as if my sparkle had been replaced there and then.

– C.K., Stockport, UK

This client experienced a boost in energy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

– J. K., Cheshire, UK.

During pretests he was unable to pick up a cup of tea safely, and his grip was painful. After the balance he was able to pick up the cup of tea easily and painlessly.

– R.H., Stockport

My stomach settled as I continued to purge myself emotionally. Kinesiology has changed my life forever.

– L.G., South Africa

I am so very grateful that after my four Kinesiology sessions I changed from a grumpy 63-year-old retired lady to an energetic positive 63-year-young lady.

– L.R., South Africa

The next morning I awoke to feel energy almost exploding through my body – right from the base of my spine, up through my spinal column. It was a wonderful feeling.

– J. J., Sydney, 15.12.09

I’ve always been concerned about how bad my posture was and now suddenly it was corrected.

– S. M., Sydney, March 2011

I have been working on my father in law who had a severe stroke in November. I’m doing between 2-4 sessions every week and thanks to your amazing throat, lingual and tongue protocols, we have him speaking again. It’s incredible and I am so grateful to you that I can help him like this. The only issue is that now he thinks kinesiology is the only thing that works for him and he wants to fire his physio and speech pathologist! And he keeps telling them!

– Nicole H (PKP Practitioner) - Melbourne