Energy restored on many levels

In by Brad Tipper

This client experienced a boost in energy on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

I had been feeling down and generally under the weather for some time when I was advised to see [Denise Gurney, PKP Practitioner and ICPKP Senior Faculty member]. I wanted to enjoy spending time with my children and to have more energy to do so. Denise did a PKP process balance. During the balance she recognised my need for spiritual protection, and a personal enhancement programme which recommended taking vitamin C, a weekly yoga session, PKP balances and regular time alone with God. Since seeing Denise, I feel uplifted. I am a lot happier and more energetic when I am with my children and I have given myself permission to seek solitude and spiritual time. It has made a huge difference to my emotional state and my general well being. Thank you, Denise.

– J. K., Cheshire, UK.