Energy Restored after 10 years of Chronic Fatigue

In by Brad Tipper

The next morning I awoke to feel energy almost exploding through my body – right from the base of my spine, up through my spinal column. It was a wonderful feeling.

I have suffered from severe chronic fatigue for almost ten years. I became sick after contracting glandular fever and cytomegalovirus at a time when I was working long hours and juggling two careers. As a result my immune system ‘crashed’, I developed a blood disorder, adrenal failure and problems with my endocrine and lymphatic systems. I was constantly exhausted, blacked out for hours at a time and suffered from continual infections. I had to resign from working and have subsequently had to drop out of social activities, sport and most of the things that give me joy.

Over the years I have searched for a solution. I have seen professors in numerous fields of expertise – some of the prescribed medical treatments have made me considerably worse, or triggered other problems -but I have been determined to get well and have explored every conventional and alternative treatment possible. Some things have helped a little but my energy levels have never recovered and most of my time is spent at home in order to keep me on an even keel. A social ‘outing’ for a couple of hours generally means a day in bed the following day.

In 2009 I had almost resigned myself to accepting this as being my life. The frustration was enormous as I have been ‘stuck’ and unable to plan or move forward with my life in any area. I had also undergone a thyroid operation earlier in the year to remove a growth from my thyroid and this had set me back further. A friend recommended kinesiology with [PKP Practitioner] Katha Jones – I was reluctant, as I had tried a form of kinesiology before with little success but decided to give it a try. I had my first appointment in August 2009.

Right from my first visit I was very impressed with my treatment. Katha’s modality of work was nothing like anything I had previously experienced. Her diagnosis was spot on – she picked up several things I had neglected to tell her and immediately identified several allergies and numerous other problems with my body. Over the following months my allergies were cleared, my body was realigned – an amazing experience which found me standing upright, straight and balanced, with a completely different posture, for the first time in decades and I started a nutritional support program tailored to my body.

The most amazing treatment for me was in October 2009 – for the first time in years I could feel energy flowing in my body. The next morning I awoke to feel energy almost exploding through my body – right from the base of my spine, up through my spinal column. It was a wonderful feeling. Two days later I had the same experience in my lower abdomen and my menstrual cycle returned for the first time since June. This was an incredible experience for me and I now know that with Katha’s help I can continue to grow my energy and reclaim my life.

My blood tests have also shown an improvement in my thyroid activity – this is a huge step forward as I have been allergic to the thyroid medications prescribed, experiencing very bad side effects and my high iron levels – which contributed to my blood disorder, have dropped after Katha treated me for an iron allergy. I am also thankful for the GNLD supplements that are supporting and repairing my body.

To anyone who feels at their wits end with a medical problem that confounds the experts, I cannot recommend Katha highly enough. She is extremely professional yet compassionate and supportive, with a wealth of knowledge. Her treatments have given me insight and understanding and have also been the only treatments, after years of trials, which have made a real difference. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

– J. J., Sydney, 15.12.09