Relief from Chronic Post-Surgery Pain

In by Brad Tipper

I had an operation… remove my right fallopian tub [which left me] with continuous pain in my right abdomen. [After] a quick treatment….the pain in my abdomen disappeared totally….I don’t know exactly what you did but it has convinced me of the power of PKP kinesiology.

Dear Katha (Katha Jones, Australian ICPKP faculty member),
Thank you for the very informative Touch for Health workshop facilitated by you at Nature Care College recently. I am writing to confirm the positive personal results I experienced during the short PKP kinesiology balance you gave me whilst at the workshop.
As explained to you, I had an operation in November 2003 to remove my right fallopian tube. This operation was performed via laparoscopy and though this is meant to be minimally invasive, what they actually do to your body during this procedure is quite horrific.
As a result of the operation, I ended up with continuous pain in my right abdomen. So much so that my quality of life was being compromised. I am normally an active person – I couldn’t even walk a short distance without being in agony. Continuous visits to my gynaecologist (who performed the operation) left me feeling more and more in despair. He couldn’t give me a reason for the pain…
In April, I decided to visit a doctor of Chinese Medicine and he gave me herbs to strengthen my body. Though these lifted my spirits and eased the pain somewhat, my life (and the lives of the people I love) were being greatly affected.
As you know, I was suffering with a migraine on the first weekend of the workshop (the migraines had become a lot worse with my constant worry) which is why you offered a quick treatment. However, you did a lot more than help ease the migraine. The pain in my abdomen disappeared totally for the first time since November and it’s still gone. I don’t know exactly what you did but it has convinced me of the power of PKP kinesiology. Because its cessation was so sudden, I keep waiting for it to come back (I know I shouldn’t!).
I am walking 4kms again and doing other exercises – all without pain. My family is happy to have the “happy and healthy wife/mum back.

– A.C., NSW, Australia