Dramatic Results for Child with ADHD

In by Brad Tipper

At the stage we were introduced to PKP kinesiology [my daughter] had also become suicidal….after a few weeks she was totally off her medication….In my opinion she probably owes her life to PKP Kinesiology.

I was first introduced to PKP Kinesiology just over 3 years ago.  My daughter was 8 years old and had been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) when she was about 5 years old.  We had tried other natural therapies over the years but with no success and ended up having to put her on medications for her own safety.  At the stage we were introduced to PKP kinesiology she had also become suicidal and hated herself so much we had actually had photo’s taken of her as I really believed she would succeed in killing herself.  You could not look sideways for fear of her reactions.  It was like living in a war zone.  The doctor said that we needed to increase her ADHD medication and also put her on some anti depressants as well as something to help her sleep.  While grateful for everything they did to try and help us and I know they had the best of intentions, I am glad we were lucky enough to find an alternative.

School seemed to be her biggest trigger and the deputy told me she didn’t think there was really a place for children like mine in the school system.  We were in the process of organising home schooling and she was attending regular sessions with the psychologists and they didn’t think she would be able to go back to school.  It was at this stage a friend of mine suggested going to see a guy by the name of Danny Liddell who was a PKP kinesiologist, all she could tell me about PKP kinesiology was it worked with your muscles.  I figured anything was worth giving a go.

I have to admit it was amazing, I was so sceptical I hardy told Danny anything except that she had been diagnosed with ADHD and was out of school because of it.  The rest he worked out and when he started bringing up some emotional issues that I hadn’t even mentioned I started to take notice.  After a few weeks the psychologist confirmed what we were thinking that we had a different child and no longer needed to see him. There is not better feeling a mother gets than when her child goes from saying how much they hate themselves and how ugly and stupid they are and wishing they were dead  to when she looked in the mirror and said “I am beautiful aren’t I.”

We had started to slowly drop the medication as she was not needing as much and after a few weeks she was totally off her medication and the best part of all was we reenrolled her in school and she has now been totally medication free since Sept 2001.  She has just turned 11 and while no child is perfect she is a very good kid and the teachers comments the last few years are usually along the lines of she is a pleasure to teach.

In my opinion she probably owes her life to PKP Kinesiology and a very skilled and kind practitioner who knew what he was doing and had the patience to work with her.

Once again thank you Danny.

– P.T., Australia