Successful Result for Peanut Allergy

In by Brad Tipper

As a child, food allergies were a huge frustration I was forced to live with. My parents tried several mainstream treatment options but it wasn’t until we discovered PKP that I saw any positive results.

My allergy problems were spread over several food groups but the two most severe were nuts and seafood. I couldn’t eat any fish or shellfish without feeling nauseous and swelling up. Eating peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds brought on similar symptoms. My peanut allergy was by far the worst, and the most difficult to live with as peanuts cropped up in so many processed foods.

Initial attempts by the medical profession to treat my allergies mostly involved cutting all related foods out of my diet for long periods of time. This had no effect at all on my sensitivity to nuts, seafood or other foods.

Then we met Dr Bruce and Joan Dewe and learned of this amazing health tool, PKP kinesiology. The Dewe’s said that PKP could help to alleviate, perhaps even eliminate my food allergies. Though a little skepical at first, we began a series of PKP sessions and quickly saw very impressive results. After maybe only half-a-dozen appointments, they had ‘cured’ my peanut allergy altogether. I went from not even being able to touch peanuts with my mouth to being able to eat them by the bowlful, all within a few weeks! To this day I count myself cured of my peanut allergy as I have never suffered any relapse or needed any ‘maintenance’ PKP sessions.

Though my body did not respond quite so dramatically to PKP for seafood and other nut allergies, I no longer suffer any swelling from contact with these foods. I thoroughly recommend PKP as a tool to both identify and help elliminate allergies and sensitivities.

– D.S., Auckland, New Zealand