Fast Recovery after Severe Allergic Reaction

In by Brad Tipper

After only one kinesiology treatment I felt as if my brain was reconnected and ‘switched on’ properly.

I recently discovered that I had a 100% blockage in my coronary artery. I underwent an angioplasty and had a stent inserted, which opened this artery allowing improved blood flow.

As a precautionary measure my cardiologist prescribed a beta-blocker and a statin (“Zocor”). After taking the drug for approximately 3 weeks I developed a serious allergic reaction to the statin drug. My symptoms included extremely painful inflammation of my joints and muscles. I was physically so weakened and debilitated that I required my husband’s assistance to even get out of a chair or bed. Once I was taken off the statin I spent 4 days in hospital and 2 weeks in bed at home recovering. On my first night at home I suffered a severe fit and was unconsious on my kitchen floor for approximately 15 minutes.
I felt completely debilitated by this reaction. My appetite was non existent and I felt utterly exhausted, lethargic, depressed and unable to work. The only treatment the medical profession could offer me was to drink large quantities of water to help my body flush out the metabolic toxic byproducts of the statin drug. No other follow-up regime was offered.

I have been seeing [kinesiologist and ICPKP faculty member] Katha Jones for a number of years for specialized kinesiology treatments. As I was not recovering at all, I decided to seek Katha’s expert help to regain my physical strength and vitality.  After only one kinesiology treatment I felt as if my brain was reconnected and “switched on” properly. I felt mentally more alert and my cognitive thinking was greatly improved. Katha stimulated my body’s detoxification pathways to allow my body to process and eliminate the residue of the statin drug at a rapid rate. I was able to resume my walks on the beach, my appetite returned to normal and I resumed my full-time working life immediately after this session. I had only one follow up treatment a week later and have been in fine form ever since.

I highly recommend kinesiology treatment to anybody who has had any sort of heart procedure as it speeds up recovery. Having someone poke around in your heart is very invasive on many levels and kinesiology helps to restore your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing after surgery.

– G.B., Sydney Australia