Kinesiology Aids Healing After Car Accident

In by Brad Tipper

Broken bones begin to knit following kinesiology sessions

I listened with scepticism when a friend told me about her Kinesiologist and what she does.  I could not understand how your body can communicate its needs…
I broke both my legs in a car accident in September 1998.  My right leg healed fine, however the left leg refused to knit.  I was very concerned about this and wondered what else I could do the help healing.  I was using Symphytum and Traumeel as homeopathic remedies to help knitting of the bones as well as calcium supplements.  In January 1999 I had a bone graft, which also did not generate a knit.

In August 1999 after hearing about a kinesiologist called Margie [Margie Donde, principal of the Kinesiology Centre for International Studies, South Africa] I decided that I had nothing to loose and went to see her.  Before seeing Margie for my fist appointment I had another x-ray, that clearly showed other options were needed to be considered for the healing o my legs. i.e. an external fixator.  It was agreed with my surgeon to wait till the end of November for another x-ray before making any final decisions.

I saw Margie on a weekly basis.  After my first session I as astounded and very interested in what Kinesiology could do for me.

AS things happen, during the last week of October the pin in my leg broke and I had to have a third operation, but what was the biggest surprise to me were the positive signs of the bone growth on the x-ray taken at this point.  I HAD MORE BONE GROWTH ON THIS X-RAY IN THE PAST 8 WEEKS THAN I HAD HAD, IN THE PAST 7 MONTHS SINCE THE FIRST SURGERY.  This COULD have been due to a number of things or a combination of different efforts, but I cannot help believing that over and above everything else, Kinesiology played a major role in the healing process of my body.

– C., South Africa