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Cheshire Kinesiology is committed to: Offering training that assists every student to learn, grow and embrace life to their highest potential as they achieve the competencies required of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners. Producing practitioners who are confident in their ability to make a positive long lasting difference in the lives of their clients using safe non-invasive kinesiology techniques and whose primary motivation is to improve the quality and dignity of people’s lives. Providing a participatory and active learning environment.

As the only UK college to offer the full range of ICPKP courses, students will begin at BKP 101 (a self-care unit) and continue to go as far as they want.   After completing the ICPKP Certificate (Kinesiopractic® level 1), they can take the Certificate in Stress and Pain Management and then choose from four different diplomas depending on their interests.

Click here for details about BKP 101 and the next five classes that make up the Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality Therapy.

Certificate courses are taught in the tranquil Cheshire countryside on weekdays or weekends. A new ICPKP Certificate class begins each year and is followed by Diploma and Advanced Diploma classes.

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