The Castle School of Kinesiology Scotland

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Here at The Castle School of Kinesiology Scotland we offer t …

Here at The Castle School of Kinesiology Scotland we offer training to level __ Kinesiopractic® and we start with PKP’s™ Energisers and Self Care unit, BKP 101. We know that to help others learn, grow and embrace life to the full, we must also be taking care of ourselves.

In BKP 101 you will have fun with three different energy boosting techniques using self-energiser trigger points (NEs, NVs & NLs) and the powerful meridian energiser trace. You will also learn vision and hearing techniques, the walking gait energising reflexes, and crosscrawl self integration.

You can then use these easy techniques to help others, first with family and friends and later with clients, along with ESR (a powerful emotional stress release technique) and emotional trigger words.

You will love the energising power of a specific goal, and the ability to perform a ‘time of day’ kinesiology energy balance on yourself using whole body testing.

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Learning in a spectacular building in the west of Edinburgh city centre in spacious rooms and close to amenities. The home of the Spiritual church in Edinburgh as well as housing many artists the centre is for spiritual and physical wellbeing. It has something for everyone that would like some kind of support or creative release, to develop personal growth with aims towards a healthy mind, body and spirit. The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre has a fantastic array of healers, mediums and qualified therapists offering different types of exercise, meditation, yoga and now kinesiology.

Qualifications and Courses we teach

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