Kinesiology College Warwickshire

Kinesiology College Warwickshire is situated in the heart of Shakespeare’s County, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.
The ICPKP program is designed to provide practical skills that can help you make rapid and effective changes in your health and to help others with theirs.

Chi Kinesiology

Nicole Hutcheson is a highly qualified and skilled Professional Kinesiology Practitioner with 10 years experience in the field, and is also an internationally qualified senior instructor.

North West London Kinesiology

North West London Kinesiology (NWLK) is an affiliated college of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice (ICPKP) under the guidance and auditing of ICPKP UK, Cheshire Kinesiology College.

Study Sentre Kinesiology Bulgaria

Учебен Център Кинезиология предлага лекции, семинари, ритрити и курсове по кинезиология и други енергийни практики, за поддържане на високо ниво на виталност, жизнена сила и вътрешен мир.

Coastal Kinesiology

Coastal Kinesiology’s specialty is catering for students who have to travel long distances to class and to tailor a programme that makes it affordable to do so. I continue to mentor students not only through the learning journey but after graduation when they are starting their businesses. They may need help with certain clients or have ‘forgotten’ how to do a particular technique. This takes the stress of learning and becoming an independent, self employed practitioner..


KinesioCoach combines the science of professional kinesiology and the art of specialised coaching to deliver powerful and effective life-changing experiences.

Specialised Kinesiology College of South Africa

Did you know that we are the ONLY college in South Africa that has added value for our students? We have our own in-house secure E-learning Platform covering all 4 levels of PKP so that our students can come to class fully prepared. Our E-learning Platform has content and video demonstrations so that the student can preview the class material before attending class, as well as review it after class. As always attending class is a prerequisite to passing the course.

U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute

The U. S. Kinesiology Training Institute is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in the art and science of kinesiology and creating a supportive and nurturing environment for students to learn and develop their highest potential.

Cheshire Kinesiology College

Cheshire Kinesiology is committed to:

Offering training that assists every student to learn, grow and embrace life to their highest potential as they achieve the competencies required of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners.

Producing practitioners who are confident in their ability to make a positive long lasting difference in the lives of their clients using safe non-invasive kinesiology techniques and whose primary motivation is to improve the quality and dignity of people’s lives.

Providing a participatory and active learning environment.

Temple of Gaea School of Energy Medicine

Here at Temple of Gaea we pride ourselves on the passion, dedication and extensive experience we offer when training our students to the highest standard, supporting them to discover their own personal medicine and flare as a budding Kinesiologist. We have small classes, in a beautiful serene environment, so you feel safe, supported and cared for through your learning journey!