U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute

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The U. S. Kinesiology Training Institute is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in the art and science of kinesiology and creating a supportive and nurturing environment for students to learn and develop their highest potential.

Here at the U.S Kinesiology Training Institute we offer training to level 5 Kinesiopractic® and we start with PKP’s™ Energisers and Self Care unit, BKP 101. We know that to help others learn, grow and embrace life to the full, we must also be taking care of ourselves.

In BKP 101 you will have fun with three different energy boosting techniques using self-energiser trigger points (NEs, NVs & NLs) and the powerful meridian energiser trace. You will also learn vision and hearing techniques, the walking gait energising reflexes, and crosscrawl self integration.

You can then use these easy techniques to help others, first with family and friends and later with clients, along with ESR (a powerful emotional stress release technique) and emotional trigger words.

You will love the energising power of a specific goal, and the ability to perform a ‘time of day’ kinesiology energy balance on yourself using whole body testing.

Click here for details about BKP 101 and the next five classes that make up the Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality Therapy.

The Institute offers a variety of:

  • Touch for Health Kinesiology classes for lay people and health professionals
  • Touch for Health Instructor Training
  • TFH Consultant Certification Program
  • Emotional kinesiology workshops
  • Energy Medicine for Pets –  Kinesiology for Horses – June 23 – Santa Fe
  • Home study DVDs for Massage CEs
  • Introductory DVDs and other

Starting in 2019 –  Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Advanced classes

Touch for Health 1 – 4 Retreat, August 3 – 11
Your body has amazing, innate, recuperative abilities that strive to keep you healthy under all conditions. When stress and injuries occur, your body can become challenged to function at its best.

Touch for Health teaches you hands-on skills to help stimulate that intrinsic healing power of the body, to help identify the roadblocks and encourage your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Learn a step-by-step, individualized process of balancing the body’s muscles and meridian energy system with gentle touch reflexes, diet, sound, color and emotions.  Learn how to integrate this holistic process along with intention to move you toward achieving your wellness goals.

No pre-requisites, except a desire to learn how to take greater self responsibility in moving towards a healthier, happier you.

“The most important thing we do with balancing is to help people find meaning in life.”  – Dr. John Thie (founder of TFH)

Touch for Health Kinesiology Certification Program
The U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute is one of the only places in the U.S. that offers both the basic and advanced training in Touch for Health to become a certified TFH Instructor and /or Consultant. This certification is both nationally and internationally recognized in the field of Touch for Health Kinesiology certified through the International Kinesiology College.

Contact U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute

Phone: (919) 933-9299
Email: greentfh@mindspring.com
Website: https://www.uskinesiologyinstitute.com
Address: 7121 New Light Trail, Chapel Hill, NC 27516, USA