Mrs Claire Vannuccini

Hi, I’m Claire, a passionate Kinesiopractor®, Teacher, Mentor & College owner who loves her job! Beginning my journey in nutrition and naturopathy, I ultimately found my love in Kinesiology where I’ve continued to evolve successfully for over a decade.  I fell in love with the discovery and power of Kinesiology due to its ability to address the mental and emotional aspects …

The Northern School of Kinesiology

This is not just a school, it’s a vision and a place to nurture exceptional Kinesiology practitioners who foster compassion, confidence and high accreditation standards. The journey is not just about leadership and skills, it’s about creating a profound impact and leaving behind a heartfelt legacy of success”.

When you love what you do so much you want to share it with the world. Claire used to have a running joke that she was here to heal the world one person at a time. A ridiculous statement none the less as that would be quite exhausting, but she’s here to create a heartfelt impact and change. So how does one fulfil this calling…..By training as many as they can. So NSK graduates can educate, inspire and empower others to heal and be a part of the change this world needs. A ripple effect.

PKP™ Kinesiology is a tool that helps facilitate change in one’s life, and there’s nothing more heartfelt than seeing your clients and in my Claire’s case, previous students, push through their doubts and limitations to achieve and exceed their lifelong goals. The Northern School of Kinesiology has been created to cater to those looking to be a part of a dynamic, fun and intimate community where they can not only learn PKP™ Kinesiology, but also grow and be supported through the process from student to immensely successful practitioner.

Erin Dubé

Drawn to complementary health, Erin was inspired to undertake comprehensive kinesiology training in four countries, through which she gained a breadth of experience that included more than 4000 hours of specific kinesiology training. Erin has 20 years of experience in professional practice as an Occupational Therapist and Kinesiologist. Erin was one of the first persons in the United States to …

Katherine Anderson

A qualified practitioner, mentor, and workshop facilitator with over 10 years of clinical experience, Katherine works extensively with a wide range of people of different ages and stages of life, helping her clients create lasting and positive change. Kate is also the director of Ease Wellness, a holistic wellness company that delivers health-centric education and experiences, supporting individuals, businesses, schools, …

Ms Bianca Jewell

Bianca discovered Kinesiology completely by accident and it is not an exaggeration to say that it totally changed her life. After her first session over 20 yeara ago she felt empowered to make positive life decisions that would eventually lead her to studying Kinesiology and dedicating her life to helping others. Not only is Bianca able to assist with a …

The School of Elemental Kinesiology

The School of Elemental Kinesiology is a dynamic and unique school located in Melbourne with Bianca Jewell leading the way as director and principal. We offer the full ICPKP curriculum and our goal and commitment to all of our students has and always will be to inspire, support, guide and mentor so that you become a practitioner of excellence.

Jessica Wiel

If I had a super power, I would be able to touch people and make them happy & healthy. Kinesiology IS that super power. I get to empower people with the tools to make themselves happy, healthy and thriving in life.  From reading the original TFH manual as a child from her mothers book case, to having people placed in …

Connecting Balance

A range of introductory PKP courses including the Certificate in Self Care and Certificate in High Level Wellness & Vitality, leading into the 1-year PKP Practitioner Certification course.

Enliven Kinesiology

Ever wanted to learn the art of kinesiology? EnLiven kinesiology offers various kinesiology courses from 1 day workshops through to 1 year Certificates.

We offer a variety of short courses and workshops for those interested in finding out more about kinesiology and in looking after their own health.

Be Your Potential

Based in Kariong on the Central Coast NSW, We are easily accessible from Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Beyond. Jess is passionate about sharing the gift of kinesiology and empowering people in their journey to becoming practitioners.