The School of Elemental Kinesiology

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The School of Elemental Kinesiology is a dynamic and unique school located in Melbourne with Bianca Jewell leading the way as director and principal. We offer the full ICPKP curriculum and our goal and commitment to all of our students has and always will be to inspire, support, guide and mentor so that you become a practitioner of excellence.

The School of Elemental Kinesiology was created for students who are looking for an in depth and comprehensive Kinesiology curriculum that addresses all aspects of a person’s well-being using a wide range of healing tools as well as an all-encompassing PKP® finger mode data base system of healing.

We offer and provide the opportunity to study from the entry level International Certificate of Professional Kinesiology Practice, the International Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice, all the way to the high-end expertise level of Kinesiopractor®.

Upon completion of the 12-month International Certificate of PKP you will be qualified to become a practicing and registered PKP® Kinesiology Practitioner.

After teaching the full 4 year PKP Kinesiopractor® syllabus for 10 years to thousands of students, Bianca honoured her soul’s true path and embraced her own desire for growth and expansion and opened the professional School of Elemental Kinesiology to allow and provide all students with the opportunity to become a successful kinesiology practitioner.

Bianca has earned the reputation of being a sacred space holder within her classes. Within the teaching room Bianca’s students have described feeling supported, inspired, heard, encouraged, respected, empowered and included and have also described Bianca as knowledgeable, thorough, committed and a natural teacher that is able to break things down into simple knowledge so that you understand the syllabus content and enjoy the learning process.

Bianca has been an accomplished Kinesiopractor® therapist for 15 years and operates a very successful and busy clinic in Greensborough.

After completing the full PKP syllabus herself, Bianca is extremely equipped to not only hold space for you as a student, whether this is your first time learning a natural therapy or whether you are already an established practitioner wishing to add more skills to your existing modality and offering more services to your client base.

Bianca’s goal and commitment to all of her students has and always will be to inspire, support, guide and mentor so that you become a practitioner of excellence and with high levels of competency.

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Qualifications and courses we teach:

International Certification in High Level Wellness & Vitality Therapy
PKP™ Practitioner Certification – Kinesiopractic® level 1
Diploma of Learning, Metaphysical, Holographic & Vibrational Energies
Diploma of Energy Psychology
Diploma of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation & Reintegration
Diploma of Dietary and Nutritional Science

Contact The School of Elemental Kinesiology

Phone: 0400 434 535
Address: Frank Street, Balwyn North VIC, Australia

Qualifications and Courses we teach

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