The Northern School of Kinesiology

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This is not just a school, it’s a vision and a place to nurture exceptional Kinesiology practitioners who foster compassion, confidence and high accreditation standards. The journey is not just about leadership and skills, it’s about creating a profound impact and leaving behind a heartfelt legacy of success”. When you love what you do so much you want to share it with the world. Claire used to have a running joke that she was here to heal the world one person at a time. A ridiculous statement none the less as that would be quite exhausting, but she’s here to create a heartfelt impact and change. So how does one fulfil this calling…..By training as many as they can. So NSK graduates can educate, inspire and empower others to heal and be a part of the change this world needs. A ripple effect. PKP™ Kinesiology is a tool that helps facilitate change in one’s life, and there’s nothing more heartfelt than seeing your clients and in my Claire’s case, previous students, push through their doubts and limitations to achieve and exceed their lifelong goals. The Northern School of Kinesiology has been created to cater to those looking to be a part of a dynamic, fun and intimate community where they can not only learn PKP™ Kinesiology, but also grow and be supported through the process from student to immensely successful practitioner.

What’s on offer at The Northern School of Kinesiology (NSK)

The NSK is an upbeat vibrant School, offering a variety of courses from entry level (self-care) units to advanced bespoke units, all the way through to the full 4 year Kinesiopractic® Certification.

Located in the heart of Sunbury within walking distance to the train station and shops, the NSK is a community – based school where learning Kinesiology is combined with talks from dynamic practitioners from across industries, activities and fun workshops to enhance your learning experience.

The first year is your foundational year of learning where you get to learn and practise all these wonderful tools on yourself and class members. It’s like having years of personal development fast tracked!!!  But the best bit is, at successful completion of your first 12 months, you can earn while you learn as you continue to follow your journey of being a wonderful PKP Kinesiologist.

If you choose to be a master practitioner and really advance your skills as a Kinesiologist, “It gets better and better as you go along”!!

At the NSK we understand that many people dream of studying to be a thriving Kinesiologist but, what tends to stop them is finance.  So, the good news here is, we’ve taken the liberty of doing something different to other schools and teamed up with a finance company.

So, if funding any course is an issue, too easy, we’ve got you covered.  Here, at the NSK, you can now learn to thrive as a budding Kinesiologist for as little as $55 a week!  Yep. You heard us. $55 a week.

And if you’re wondering about class sizes, we keep those nice and intimate, which allows us to offer in-depth support and guidance on your journey to becoming an incredibly successful PKP practitioner.

Contact The Northern School of Kinesiology

Phone: 0412 375 684
Address: 49 Barkly Street, Sunbury VIC, Australia

Qualifications and Courses we teach

Click here to learn more about the ICPKP Syllabus and the various Qualifcations and Courses available.