Katherine Anderson

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PKP Qualifications:
  • Diploma of Professional Kinesiology Practice
As a PKP™ Practitioner, Katherine Anderson uses the PKP™ Fingermode Protocol with clients.

A qualified practitioner, mentor, and workshop facilitator with over 10 years of clinical experience, Katherine works extensively with a wide range of people of different ages and stages of life, helping her clients create lasting and positive change. Kate is also the director of Ease Wellness, a holistic wellness company that delivers health-centric education and experiences, supporting individuals, businesses, schools, and their students to achieve optimal mindset, wellness, and performance.

Other Qualifications:

Touch for Health
Neural Organisational Techniques (N.O.T.)

Contact Katherine

Mobile Phone: 0404252692
Email: hello@katherineanderson.com.au
Website: https://www.easewellness.com.au/kinesiology