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Based in Kariong on the Central Coast NSW, We are easily accessible from Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Beyond. Jess is passionate about sharing the gift of kinesiology and empowering people in their journey to becoming practitioners.

Here at Be Your Potential we currently offer training to level 1 Kinesiopractic® and will begin to offer modules from Diploma’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 from 2023 and beyond. Visit our website for more information about our next dates and pricing.

We are located in Kariong on the Central Coast of NSW. It is within 5 mins from the M1, making it easy access from anywhere on the Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Newcastle or Sydney.

What We Are About

Empowering individuals to be the best version of themselves. This centre is aimed at creating a welcoming and safe space for any individual to explore, heal and transform their lives while learning to facilitate other peoples journey of transformation and growth.

Jess at Be Your Potential is enthusiastic about teaching. She really loves the balance of metaphysics and the practical aspects of PKP and elicits this in her training. She understand that there are different learning styles and is able to tailor classes to suit these needs. Most of the class is spent practicing the techniques with a facilitator present. This allows you to ask any questions and get feedback and tips to ensure you understand what you are doing. Our class size allow for greater involvement from the facilitator during these practice sessions.

Jess’s favourite part about going through the programme was the growth and transformation that you have from having your class members practice techniques on you. You will see yourself transform not just from  a student to a practitioner. But into a better version of yourself, that is on the journey to becoming the BEST version of yourself.


Sustainability = the ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time. Life thrives in a sustainable environment, it grows and becomes more and more abundant. And, so do we. That is why Be Your Potential is driven by being as sustainable as practicable.

🌻 Our space is implementing permaculture principles and uses sustainable practices where possible. We have Solar Panels. A rainwater tank for watering the garden which is full of herbs, vegetables and fruit trees. We shop local biodynamic or organic foods, and compost and recycle what we can.

🌻 Thanks to PKP, We do our best to avoid using unecessary amounts of paper by providing all your content through an application on your iOS or Android devices. We also accept (and prefer) your written journals and assessments in PDF format rather than having them printed.

🌻  Most importantly, Helping people in a sustainable way is about putting your own mask on first before you start helping others.  Your physical and mental health is the most important part of making sure you are able to learn at your best. This is why our first module (BKP101) Is PKP’s™ Energisers and Self Care unit.

🌻 We also offer flexible dates for learning. If sickness or an important commitment takes you away from your class, we do our best reschedule the class so no one is left behind.

Find out about your Course Facilitator HERE

What Else We offer

A Weekly Kids Music Class: I tie in some brain integration techniques with the movement aspect of the class.

Womens Circle: a regular meet up for women to connect and build their tribe

Meditation group: Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool. Having others on the same journey can help to motivate us and offer support and guidance to doing it regularly.

Contact Be Your Potential

Phone: 0420 649 701
Address: 9 Follan Close, Kariong NSW, Australia