JAF End of Series Test

In by Brad Tipper

JAF End of Series Test

The College mark for this piece of courseware is:

  1. To demonstrate several techniques from the series:
    • eg. Contralateral Joint, PRY, TMJ balance, etc
    • The student may have a book available but should only require the briefest of glances at an aspect of the material.
    • It is not acceptable to use the book for every step of the balances as this does not indicate competency.
  2. The examiner may also ask the student to do a full balance on either their teacher or another experienced Kinesiologist, and utilising the full balancing protocol on a goal that is likely to “show” material from the JAF wedge of the chart.
    • This is an “open-book” balance
    • You may choose to do this with students who are not doing a lot of balances outside class to give them a wake-up call.

The on-line test consists of multi-choice questions, randomly selected from the question pool of all three JAF units. As the test will take more than 30 mins to complete, it can be attempted in several sittings.

After both pieces of assessment are complete, students will be issued with their Certificates of Proficiency in this.