Ms Sarndy Scott

In by Brad Tipper

Sarndy began her Diploma in Kinesiology in 2003 after several years of Lay Kinesiology Training to the level of Instructor. In 2005 she set up her clinic in Richmond, Nelson. She resumed training in 2006 and began the year with the first of three Faculty Access Courses and commenced teaching the certificate (year one) of the ICPKP program for the Nelson Campus of The Herbal Touch Centre.

Sarndy’s initial interest in health was mainly due to the challenges of keeping three young sons healthy and well. Because of such good results with her own family, sharing her knowledge by teaching became the next obvious step in her life. Sarndy attended the second FAC course in Norway in July 2006 and is continuing to enjoy new knowledge and being able to share this with interested people.

Working and teaching in groups has become one of Sarndy’s passions. Having an enjoyment of life and sense of fun means that Sarndy’s classes are motivating, and information is easily learned.

In Februry 2008 Sarndy completed the K-Power® Instructors course and is delighted to be able to offer additional skills to health practitioners of other fields and share the ability to assist people to have the power of choice and change. At present, Sarndy runs a clinic in the rural setting of Tapawera Village.


Other Qualifications:

NZRKsc, ICPKP Faculty, K-Power® Instructor

Contact Sarndy

Home Phone: 03 522 4588
Mobile Phone: 027 870 6875