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Touch, Clothes and Environment Protocols

In by Brad Tipper

Touch, Clothes and Environment Protocols

This unit enables you to identify the effects of personal, social and clinical touch on a person and to develop the skills necessary to release stress responses to touching or being touched. You will explore the distress related to touch and will enhance your sensitivity and professionalism with clients.

In a dress-up session you will explore the negative effects of wearing clothing in which you don’t feel comfortable, the power of social and cultural expectations and utilise specific PKP skills to defuse these stresses. This will enable you to assist a client choose clothes appropriate to various situations.

Having completed this unit you will be able to discuss touching in relation to culture and contact, identify the adverse effects of past and/or present situations involving deprivation, inappropriate or excessive touch and be familiar with the metaphysical aspects of losing touch with both people and the environment. You will also be able to use intuitive touch in a healing manner; use the PKP protocol to release hidden stress and assist your client to develop a future action plan in relation to touch.

Elements of Learning:

  • The nature of touch – Haptic communication
  • Touch and structure – St #15
  • Out of touch with the environment – PE #15b
  • Clothes and accessories – Em #15c
  • Losing touch – Em #15b
  • Loving hands – Sp #11b
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • MST 14.201
  • EMS 2.201