The Law of 5-Elements In Depth

In by Brad Tipper

The Law of 5-Elements In Depth

5-Element one-point, AHP, Luo & Accumulation point balances, alarm points, emotions

This unit extends the understanding of, and skill in using, the 5-Element principles and 5-Element emotions for energy balancing.

It develops understanding and facility in using alarm points, Luo points, acupressure holding points; to extend the range of meridian energy indicator muscle tests; demonstrate their surface anatomy and recognise the muscles action in sport and exercise.

Those completing this unit will be able to use the 5-Element principles, alarm points, Luo points, acupressure holding points and the yin/yang principles to perform a 5-Element one-point goal balance.

What you will learn in BKP 105™:

  • 5-Element theory – in depth
  • Accumulation Point Balance
  • Acupressure holding points (AHP)
  • Yin/yang relationships
  • Body polarity concept
  • 5-Element tap
  • Alarm points: over-energy
  • 5-Element one-point meridian balance
  • Full 5-Element emotion chart
  • 12 extra indicator muscles
    Range: levator scapulae, triceps, subclavius, rectus abdominis, sacrospinalis,
    upper trapezius, piriformis, sartorius, popliteus, rhomboids, coracobrachialis,
  • Sport, exercises and muscle action
  • Full 5-Element one-point goal balance using alternative indicator muscles


  • BKP 1.104

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