TFH Crossover Course

In by Brad Tipper

TFH Crossover Course

This unit is designed to assist two groups of kinesiology practitioners who want to use the PKP™ Protocols and PKP™ Active Database effectively on their iPads.
Group one is those seasoned kinesiology practitioners who used TFH as the basis of their education back in the days before PKP™ or any other courses were available. Some may have taken parts of the ‘old’ PKP 1 – PKP 4 series of workshops or other complementary courses.
Group two is the more recent TFH 4 graduates who want to add new skills to their TFH repertoire. FPK 2 provides all 32 Foundational Principles of kinesiology not covered in the TFH syllabus. Upon completion of FPK 2, students may proceed directly to BKP 106.

Courses that contain this unit: