TFH Graduates Cross-Over Course

In by Brad Tipper

Prerequisite: None

FPK 2 bridges the educational gap between “TFH 1 – 4” and “BKP 101 – 105”

Dr John Thie DC, founder of Touch For Health, recognised PKP as the natural progression for TFH graduates wanting to pursue a career in kinesiology. In reference to the original PKP 1 workshop he said:

“The PKP courses have been adopted by the Touch for Health Foundation as its official program for professional health providers. This first course has as its prerequisite the knowledge and ability to utilize the materials in the original Touch For Health courses because it builds on that material.”

– John F Thie DC, April 1989

FPK 2 is aimed at both seasoned practitioners who used TFH as the basis of their education and at recent TFH 4 graduates. To use the PKP™ Protocols and PKP™ Database effectively requires all 30+ Foundational Principles of PKP™ not covered in the TFH syllabus. These have been drawn together from BKP 101-105 into a single “Crossover Course” that allows TFH 4 graduates to proceed on to BKP 106 and beyond.

BKP 101
  1. Definitions of Kinesiology and allopathy
  2. Neuro-Emotional (NE) reflexes
  3. Epigenetic Healing Cycles
  4. Whole body testing
  5. PKP Wheel of Emotions
  6. Life goals, and goal setting
BKP 102
  1. Touching
  2. Pre-Test Procedure – advanced.
  3. Indicator muscle (IM) test procedure
  4. Clear circuit muscle testing
  5. Applications of clear circuit muscle testing – needed to practice use of clear circuit muscle testing
  6. Ionisation balance
  7. Thymus energy pre/post test audit
BKP 103
  1. 5-Element principles
  2. Circuit Locating (CL-ing)
  3. Yin balance – fix-as-you-go yin balance – one point
  4. Introduction to 5-Element emotions
  5. 5-Element colour balance
BKP 104
  1. More mode
  2. Using surrogate muscles
  3. Using a surrogate for the client
  4. Using surrogate structures
  5. Knowledge of the principles and philosophy of Kinesiology
  6. Priority mode
  7. Create a basic client health record
BKP 105
  1. 5-Element theory – in depth
  2. Acupressure holding points (AHP)
  3. Accumulation point balance
  4. Body polarity concept
  5. 5-Element tap
  6. 5-Element emotion chart
  7. 12 extra indicator muscles
  8. Full 5-Element one-point goal balance using alternative indicator muscles

This course includes:

Code Name Type
FPK2 TFH Crossover Course LDP

LDP = Lecture, Demonstration, Practice.
HS = Home Study
OC = Off campus (taken with an external provider)
IICT approved course badge

All courses and qualifications offered by ICPKP are approved by the International Institute for Complementary Therapies.

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