Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

In by Brad Tipper

Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

Professional touch, muscle testing, basic kinesiology procedures

People completing this unit will be able to use muscle testing accurately, and perform a Kinesiology energy balance on others.They will be able to identify dehydration, ionisation, neurological disorganisation (switching), central vessel integrity and thymus energy imbalance.

They will be able to perform origin/insertion and spindle/golgi energy techniques, understand cautionary measures in evaluating body energy, apply pre- and post-evaluation procedures, demonstrate clear- circuit muscle testing and muscle facilitation/inhibition. They will know the bones of the skeleton.

What you will learn in BKP 102™:

  • Touching
  • Pre-evaluation procedure
  • Indicator muscle (IM) test procedure
  • Clear circuit muscle testing
  • Switched energy test
  • Dehydration test (hand)
  • Central meridian (CV) integrity (preferred directional flow)
  • Ionisation balance
  • Thymus energy pre/post test audit
  • Skeletal system
  • Origin and insertion
  • Spindle cells and Golgi tendon apparatus
  • Energiser goal balance on another


  • BKP 1.101

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