Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

In by Brad Tipper

Proficient Manual Muscle Testing

Prerequisite: None

Professional touch, muscle testing, basic kinesiology procedures

People completing this unit will be able to use muscle testing accurately, and perform a Kinesiology energy balance on others.They will be able to identify dehydration, ionisation, neurological disorganisation (switching), central vessel integrity and thymus energy imbalance.

They will be able to perform origin/insertion and spindle/golgi energy techniques, understand cautionary measures in evaluating body energy, apply pre- and post-evaluation procedures, demonstrate clear- circuit muscle testing and muscle facilitation/inhibition. They will know the bones of the skeleton.

What you will learn in BKP 102™:

  • Touching
  • Pre-evaluation procedure
  • Indicator muscle (IM) test procedure
  • Clear circuit muscle testing
  • Switched energy test
  • Dehydration test (hand)
  • Central meridian (CV) integrity (preferred directional flow)
  • Ionisation balance
  • Thymus energy pre/post test audit
  • Skeletal system
  • Origin and insertion
  • Spindle cells and Golgi tendon apparatus
  • Energiser goal balance on another


  • BKP 1.101

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