Gems & other Vibrational Energy Fields

In by Brad Tipper

Gems & other Vibrational Energy Fields

PKP techniques utilise gems, gem essences and other vibrational energy fields to correct body energy imbalances. You will discover the ancient wisdom in techniques such as the Tibetan spiral energy process and be able to use gemstone energy fields, affirmations and chakra essences to balance client body energy.

The unit covers homeopathic awareness (the history and underpinning theory of disease and remedies) and tissue salts (nutritional biochemistry) to add to your repertoire of vibrational tools for balancing inheritance factors and other tendencies.

You will also cover modern disciplines like chrono-biology dealing with pineal function and use ‘focussing’ and ‘third eye’ work in relation to chakra and pineal energies.

Once you have completed this unit you will have the necessary skill set to use the vibrational energy of gems and their essences, tissue salts, homeopathic frequencies, spiral energy techniques and third eye beaming in re-balancing energy disturbances related to miasmic and other tendencies.

Elements of Learning:

  1. Inheritance factors – PE #13a
  2. Homeopathic awarenesses – Em #13b
  3. Tissue/cell salts – Em #13c
  4. Third eye beaming – Sp #7c
  5. Spiral energy – St #71/2c
  6. Crystals and gems – Special mode
  7. Some gem affirmations and properties
  8. Chakra gemstones and properties
  9. Gem/jewel essences – Em #121/2
  10. Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol