Metaphysical Energy Fields

In by Brad Tipper

Metaphysical Energy Fields

This third unit on vibrational energy helps you develop the skills and understanding in using PKP techniques to correct imbalance in metaphysical energy including the chakra system, auric fields and body polarity energy.

The phenomenon of chakras and auras is outside the scope of Newtonian physics, however modern science now agrees that in addition to having a physical structure, humans are also composed of dynamic energy fields.

In this unit we consider the hypothesis that imbalance or blocks to the flow in these metaphysical energy fields may distort our perceptions and feeling and lead eventually to the development of disease processes. Additionally we re-visit neurological disorganisation, where a person’s ability to learn and function fully, is affected by confusion in body polarity as well as physical issues such as leg length.

Once you have completed this unit will have the sensitivity and skills to balance the 7 major chakras (nerve plexi) bringing forth insights from both ancient wisdom and modern awareness and balance the auric fields (layers of the ‘body bubble’) in terms of personal space or complex interactive energy patterns. Furthermore, you will be able to work with the right- left polarity process for improved function and access and balance the pre-natal time map by applying the metamorphic technique.

Elements of Learning:

  • Chakras (nerve plexi) – St #10
  • Reactive chakras – R-St #10
  • Auric fields – El #5a
  • Reactive auric fields – R-El #5a
  • Metamorphic technique – Em #61/2b
  • Right-left polarity – Finger-tips to palm, thumb out
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol


  • VEF 301