Ligament and Joint Protocols

In by Brad Tipper

Ligament and Joint Protocols

This unit deals with joint and ligament dysfunction. You will explore how the physical shock-absorbing qualities of a joint are compromised in trauma (whether physical, mental or emotional) or when adrenal function is impaired.

You will examine the stages of adrenal decline and collapse resulting not just from physical over-activity but from emotional overwhelm or mental exhaustion and the spiritual consequences of not following one’s life-path or of not living according to one’s values.

With PKP you will discover that what may appear to other practitioners to be a simple local ligament sprain, may actually be an indication that a general adrenal insufficiency exists which needs life-style changes as well as local treatment, if the whole person is to be cared for.

As you complete this unit you will develop many skills to proficiently assess joints, related to adrenal fatigue and/or local injury, and provide corrective measures; use shock absorber techniques, local ligament stretch, general adrenal ligament stretch, know nutritional aids to address adrenal imbalance and perform contralateral joint ligament interlink techniques.

Elements of learning:

  • Introduction to joints
  • Shock absorbers – St #4++
  • Ligament stretch reaction – local ligament stretch – St #4+
  • Contralateral joint interlink – El #3a
  • Ligament stretch reaction – general adrenal involvement – St #4+
  • Nutritional aids to adrenal balance
  • Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP™ Balancing Protocol


  • JAF 5.201