Introduction to the Law of 5-Elements

In by Brad Tipper

Introduction to the Law of 5-Elements

Five Element yin, sound & colour balances

This unit develops an elementary understanding of and skill in using basic 5-Element principles for energy balancing.

Those completing this unit will be able to demonstrate skill; apply sound, colour, food, emotional and vertebral balancing techniques; utilise circuit locating, and the challenge; use the 5-Element principle to perform an eight muscle energy balance and select the priority balancing procedure.

Elements of Learning:

  • 5-Element principles
  • Circuit Locating (CL-ing)
  • Supraspinatus, teres major and six yin muscle tests:
    Middle deltoid
    Pectoralis major sternal (PMS)
    Latissimus dorsi
    Gluteus medius
  • Yin balance – fix-as-you-go
  • Yin balance – one point
  • Introduction to 5-Element emotions
  • Vertebral reflexes
  • Checking the changes – the challenge procedure
  • Re-test all pretests
  • Strengthening an unlocked muscle with food
  • 5-Element colour balance
  • 5-Element sound balance
  • Selecting an appropriate balance


  • BKP 1.102

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