Flower Essences

In by Brad Tipper

Flower Essences

This first of 3 units dedicated to vibrational energy and metaphysical issues begins with an exploration of flower essences, gaining insights relating to their properties and their photographic images. The aim is to develop skill and understanding in using PKP techniques to correct energy imbalance using the vibrational energy of healing remedies.

PKP recognises that we are quantum bodies subject to the laws of quantum physics. Newtonian physics simply cannot explain many of the phenomena that occur in our bodies, as more and more researchers are proving. This unit covers training about things that resonate with our body energies or our personhood. You will learn to identify attitudes which create neuropeptides that harm us and through that knowledge, deliberately choose to harness the vibrational energies that bring about healing.

Once you have completed this unit will be able to identify, prepare and utilise several ranges of flower essences, discover insights relating to their properties and photographic images and be able to utilise them in re-balancing mental, emotional and spiritual energy. The NZ New Perception flower remedies and the Bach flower remedies are covered in detail

Elements of Learning:

  1. Flower essence therapy
  2. NZ New Perception™ Flower Essences
  3. From complexity to simplicity – the NZ New Perception™ Photocards
  4. ICPKP photo card balancing protocol
  5. Eight class balancing exercises with the photo cards
  6. NZ New Perception™ Flower Essences numerically & alphabetically
  7. Properties of the NZ New Perception™ Flower Essences
  8. Affirmations for the NZ New Perception™ Flower Essences
  9. Basic concepts of flower essence therapy
  10. Is there a place for new essences?
  11. Co-operation with nature
  12. Esoteric understanding
  13. Emotional repertory
  14. Client and practitioner relationships at work
  15. History of flower essences
  16. Bach Flower Remedies
  17. Bach’s seven personality types
  18. Flower essence finger mode, balance and remedy preparation – Em #12
  19. Nose Bach flower points – S/F #6e
  20. Utilise all techniques learned to date within the PKP Balancing Protocol