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Founder, Evelyn is a competitive waterskier and her desire to compete nationally drove her to personally apply these leading edge kinesiology techniques that were buried deep inside of the Energy Kinesiology program. Evelyn gained the competitive edge to win the bronze medal at the national waterski championships in 2009 and break a provincial record at the age of 50.Her knowledge of tweaking muscles for peak athletic performance has gained her significant international recognition from both the Athletic and Energy Kinesiology communities.

Evelyn owns and operates Holistic Tapestries Natural Care Center, since 1996. The focus of the healing modalities are Professional Kinesiology Practice, Reflexology and Vibrational Remedies.

While working on clients in the clinic, Evelyn discovered that clients reached their goals faster and easier if they implemented vibrational remedies such as flower essences, gemstones or positive affirmations, into their daily routine.

Experimenting with Vibrational Remedies in support of her clientele, Evelyn became the alchemist of Sound Essence vibrational remedies in 1999 using sound, herbs and various other vibrations. She offers these to her client as homework for the vibrational shift that occurs in the therapy session.

Clients became curious about Evelyn’s clinic work and requested knowledge, so in 2001 Evelyn created the Kinesiology College of Canada first starting with the 4 unit Touch for Health classes and as the students wanted more information Evelyn brought the intensive 60 unit Professional Kinesiology Practice to Canada.

As an active Energy Kinesiologist extremely involved in the international community of Professional Energy Kinesiologists, and with her passion for educating others Evelyn was inspired to write two published books, “The Essence of Sound” and “Western Herbs for Eastern Meridians and Five Element Theory” .

Here are a couple description of a Workshops and Diploma Courses Evelyn performs regularly all over the world:

Vibrational Healing with the Chakra Sound Essences

Focus five hours on a yourself with a specific intent, goal or desire in place concentrating on something that you would like to have and do not already have today. It may be a different out look in life, overcoming a health challenge, aspiring for success or wealth, betterment in regards to relationships with family and friends. Come with a desired intent and let the Vibrational Therapy help move you through any blockages.

Imagine the sound of the Crystal bowls amplifying the theatre and the theatre illuminated in the color of the bowl being played, allowing the participant to experience the vibration of the color of the note being played. This is truely a magnificent experience in relation to Vibrational Therapy. Your body will be immersed in the sea of sound and color absorbing the benefits on a cellular and energetic level. Each of the seven bowls will be played individually, starting at the root chakra and moving up the charas to the crown chakra.

Using the Workshop Manual as a reference we will discuss the value of vibrational therapy, what constitutes vibrational therapy, and how it affects our body. We will explore the hierarchy of the energy systems. And of course, the evolution of vibration will be discussed explaining how light creates color, which relates to sound, which creates three kingdoms of form: plant, animal, and mineral.

We will learn basic muscle checking, body testing or pendulum testing to determine the priority chakra or meridian needing balance. The participants will then be divided into stations to experience theirvery own harmonizing remedy.

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